Local & Aboriginal Content

Thompson recognizes the importance of a strong local involvement and will employ local/aboriginal personnel and subcontractors wherever possible to benefit both the project and the community.

We will continue to upgrade its operations and resources to fulfill the region’s requirements. Our contacts for Northern Employment include, but are not limited to:

  • The Athabasca Tribal Council First Nations Employment office, located in Fort McMurray (780-791-7445) communicates with us when non-skilled and skilled employees enter their data base.
  • Fort McMurray Employment Assistance Service Centre (780-714-3029), Apex Employment and Career Services (780-790-9080), Human Resources and Development Canada, all provide services to Thompson Construction Group, as above.
  • The Aboriginal Human Resources Development Council of Canada has requested us to provide input on employment and training of the Aboriginal community, across Canada.
  • The Councils of the Driftpile Cree Nation and Janvier First Nations have been in discussion with us to further the training and employment opportunities of their people.

Thompson has maintained ongoing working relationships with Fort Chipewyan First Nations, Bear Slashing, Tuccaro Inc. Group of Companies, IPS Medical of Fort McKay, CenterFire Contracting of Anzac as well as the Driftpile Cree and Alexis First Nations, to provide various clearing, excavation and grading operations to supplement our core strengths.

Local, Aboriginal & Canadian Content Analysis

Aboriginal content is very important to TBCLP and our Clients. Of the below noted Direct Hire Employees, the following identifies Aboriginal content:

Direct Hire






This total was quantified through employees self identifying, as well as subcontractor hiring records and represents 20.75% Aboriginal Content.

An analysis of our payroll reveals the following demographics:

Total Direct Hire Employees within British Columbia


Total Direct Hire Employees within Saskatchewan


Total Direct Hire Employees within Manitoba


Total Direct Hire Employees within Ontario


Total Direct Hire Employees within Alberta


Total Direct Hire Employees within Canada (All other Provinces)


Total Direct Hire Employees all Construction Activities (Alberta)


Gender & Age

An analysis of our payroll reveals the following demographics, with our current average at 14.83%:

Female Employees 251
Male Employees 1,692


An analysis of our payroll reveals the following age groups:

18 – 20 years old 23
21 – 30 years old 448
31 – 40 years old 567
41 – 50 years old 406
51 – 60 years old 364
61 – 70 years old 126
71+ years old 4